Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I do what I love! Write...

Follow your passions no matter what others say! You are the only support you need and outside support from others is only icing on the cake!

Click this image below of my 2nd book to contribute to my Indiegogo Campaign! Thank you!

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I am using Indiegogo to publish my 2nd book titled Creative Business Plan Writing & Design

I am very, very excited to share my 2nd Indiegogo Campaign to raise capital to publish my 2nd book titled - Creative Business Plan Writing & Design - and you can visit my Indiegogo Campaign by click the book cover image below!

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I created this video and uploaded it to YouTube to maximize my exposure!

I used Indiegogo to publish my 1st book titled - Social Media "How To's" that work! - and it is for sale now on Amazon and CreateSpace. You can click the cover image below to buy my 1st book online!


I am offering some awesome "PERKS" for those who contribute to my book campaing and you can learn more by visiting my page!

I created an awesome page on Crush Path and you can see it here;

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My blog where you can learn more about all three books is;

As a business consultant who is passionate about the success of my clients I have given away many copies of my first book even though I do sell it online!

I plan on giving away many copies of my 2nd book for free! Please help me make my 2nd book a reality! I have not written 2 books so far to make a lot of money, although that would be nice, I did it to share applicable knowledge that will benefit my clients and others! Thank you for sharing this blog post!